Aside: Leanpub Looks Awesome!

Just came across the other day. What a great business model and awesome service!

I’ve been considering writing books for years, but I could never really put a path together of how to go about it. Leanpub is very promising, offering authors an excellent royalty rates and providing readers with a great experience.

This also led me to, which I started using yesterday. What a great service it is, as well. Leanpub can send your purchased ebooks directly to your Readmill account, making it very easy and fast to just start reading! The Readmill interface on iOS is very nice, a far better experience than using iBooks or just viewing a PDF. (Too bad it only works on iOS 6+, though; my iPad isn’t that old!)

Leanpub makes the task of writing and publishing a book far more accessible and inviting. The idea has always seemed very unattainable, but not anymore.

3 thoughts on “Aside: Leanpub Looks Awesome!

  1. I have 2 books I’ve wanted to get published for a VERY long time. Do they edit? Seems like my biggest dream may just happen after all.

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